The Doctors Lane

Veterans and Their Families

The families of veterans suffer too from acute stressors during three phases of the deployment. There is the Pre-Deployment Phase after the service member has received orders and they know they will be deployed in six months for a year overseas. During this pre-deployment phase, the family struggles with the knowledge that the service member will be […]

Veteran Culture

Veterans are an extremely interesting bunch. Today, they make up about one percent of our population.  When I was a kid (‘50’s-‘60’s- I was born dead center of the baby boom), nearly every adult male I knew was a veteran. My Dad served in the Army, Mr. Blankenship, next door on the right, served in […]

Working With Veterans

​To work with veterans and help veterans, one does not have to be a veteran.  What one has to do is learn to speak the language, so that they know you understand what they are saying, and demonstrate that you are someone that can be trusted to understand what they have been through.  In today’s […]

What You Can Do

We owe a tremendous debt to our veterans and our active duty service members.  It seems to me that they are worth the time and effort it takes to learn their language, understand their culture, try to understand what they have experienced and try to reach out and support the ones we know.  It’s always […]