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Leading Your Children to God

Leading your children to God involves much more than simply talking to them about God, taking them to church, or reading the Bible to them. Leading them to God involves at least two important additional aspects: Demonstrating your own belief and your own relationship with God in a way that they can overtly witness it; And […]

The Goals of Misbehavior

All behavior has a purpose.  What this means is that everything a child does, he or she does with a goal in mind, whether that goal is conscious or unconscious.  Our responses to their behaviors either reinforce the goals they had in those behaviors, or our responses discourage those goals and help the child to […]


Parents, you probably know your children better than anyone other than God. Who, then, is better equipped to call out each child’s unique identity? What aspects of God’s nature do you see in your children? For example, are they sensitive and caring of others? Rather than seeing them as too easily hurt, call out those […]

Choose Based on Love

You are not perfect and never will be perfect.  You are not God for your children and can never be.  So, acknowledging and accepting that you are going to make mistakes will spare you heartache.  Asking your child for forgiveness is actually a very good behavior to role model.  Some parents believe that admitting wrong […]


​Communication between parents is absolutely essential.  If a child can “divide and conquer,” they grow up to be liars.  In addition, they lose respect, and they begin to feel insecure and unsafe, not knowing what to expect in their environment.  Finally, they lose trust, and trust is the foundation on which all relationships are built.  […]