The Doctors Lane

Speak the Truth in Love

Have you ever been deprived of oxygen?  If so, how fiercely did you struggle for air and how relieved did you feel when air returned to your lungs?  I (David) am a scuba diver and have always wanted that activity to be something the two of us shared; however, my (Donna’s) response has been consistently, […]


Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, Bearing with one another in love Our culture is based in large part on the presence of hierarchies, and the importance of position. Value and worth are often seen as equivalent to how much money you make, what kind of job you do, how old you are, what […]

Foundational Elements

As part of our legacy from over 40 years of marriage, we would like to share some foundational elements we discovered in the process of creating a successful marriage. We ask you to prayerfully consider each of these points and adopt any concepts or strategies that you find relevant to your relationship.  #1:  Marriage is […]