The Doctors Lane

What is Grief

Grief is the emotional experience resulting from loss. When you first experience a loss, you may feel an initial state of shock, where you struggle with processing the emotions you are feeling and with integrating those emotions and thoughts into your here-and-now experience. You may have difficulty accepting the loss as real and might continue […]

Helping the Grieving

Our perspectives on grief are both professional and personal because our son died at age 17 from a progressive neurological disorder, so we’ve experienced first-hand what is helpful and what is not. Here are some responses we would suggest to provide support for someone who is grieving: Be present. The most helpful people to us […]

The Physics of Grief

The science of physics has demonstrated when two particles interact with one another in a vacuum and are later separated into two different containers, stimulating one particle produces an activation response in the other particle. In much the same way, when two individuals interact and form a relationship, an exchange of energy occurs between the […]