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Scorched Earth

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Scorched Earth

1883 meets the story of Job in this Western historical epic where the fires of adversity forge the steel of the human spirit.

In the second installment of the gripping This Hallowed Ground series, Mac’s journey takes an unexpected and perilous turn. Settled on their Georgia land, Mac and Ester eagerly await the arrival of their first child, blissfully unaware that shadows from Mac’s haunting past are closing in.

The tranquility shatters when a sinister revelation rocks their idyllic life—a townsperson correctly identifies Mac as a wanted Civil War criminal and Union army deserter. With danger at their doorstep, the couple is forced to flee, embarking on a treacherous odyssey that will test their love and resilience to the utmost.

Determined to escape the relentless pursuit of authorities, Mac makes a fateful decision to return to the vast and savage West, hoping to reunite with what remains of his Lakota tribe. Little do they know that their journey will become a harrowing saga of survival.


In Scorched Earth, readers will be swept away by the unforgiving landscapes of the American West and the resilience of a love tested by the fires of adversity. Will Mac and Ester find sanctuary, or will the echoes of their past forever shape their destiny? 


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