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Gold Stone
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"Gold Stone is such a beautiful story for young and old alike about how our identity does not have to be defined by tragedies that have occured in our life. The eternal hope available to us transcends all pain."
Seeking Treasures
Jennie Denney
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"Using scripture, thought-provoking questions, prayer, and ideas for re-direction, this book takes you on a beautiful inward journey toward discovering the person God created you to be. Each chapter is intended to be read and taken in over the course of a week individually or with a group, creating space for the reader to think, ponder, pray, and meditate on the lesson. This book is easy to read, full of deep and wonderful truths, very well organized and thought out, and great for anyone looking for a deep and meaningful study."
Restored Christianity
Connie Delane Mitchell
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"Challenging, convicting, and life changing! The reader is challenged to know God and not just about Him. Jesus desires to be intimately involved in every aspect of our lives. Our false beliefs about ourselves and God hinder us from having true intimacy with Him. The authors use Paul's letters for their historical analysis to examine the Christian beliefs and theology of the early church. In doing so they reveal how far from 'true north' today's church has come. The in depth historical research and analysis is well done and similar to Lee Strobel's 'A Case For Christ.' As a graduate from a Christian university, I believe 'Restored Christianity' should be required reading for theology and seminary students alike."
Wilderness Meditations: 40 Devotions for Lent, Fasting, and Spiritual Growth
Chloe S. Flanagan
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"This is a beautiful and profound collection of daily reflections. Each day’s meditation offers wisdom and spiritual insight while still providing the space and stimulus for deeper thought. Following this devotional through Lent is a wonderful way to focus on the Savior and seek a closer relationship with Him. I definitely recommend it."
Strength in Adversity
Takashi Todoroki
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"Dr. Lanes’ gift of scriptural analysis and ability to break it down for the reader, and provide practical and generalizable applications to our lives has been such a gift for me. I share her books with everyone I can so they may benefit in their understanding and relationship with Jesus as I have. Thank you for sharing your gift with us."
The Interview
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"Forces of the world present different paths. The interview was a disturbingly good reminder of what depths the deceiver will go to in order to sweep our interests and attention elsewhere. The ending was one that was a much-needed relief. Excellent work by the author!!!"
Sky Light Falls: Whisperers Book One
Susan Field
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"This was a great read (all three books) during a pandemic. The author, Dr. Lane, pulls the reader into a completely different world, redifining species and challenging the use of the English language. But, once you are in the story, you find that it is not a different world at all. Our world of good and evil; of persistence and failing; of love and self-love; of confidence and self-loathing are all present. It will "take you away" and at the same time bring you back to questions about your own values and your own loves. You can't read this without the other two in the "Whisperers" Series. Don't miss it."
Sky Light Rises: Whisperers Book TwoCepmomga
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"This book continues the story of the survivors and their battle against evil and quest to reunite the worlds. The story is complex but the truths are simple. The parallels with the Gospel and salvation are subtle yet draw your heart to such a place of love and understanding. The end literally took my breath away! Definitely a must read! Thankfully the third book is out so I did not have to wait to see what happened!"