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Trauma Narrative Treatment: A Trauma Recovery Model for Groups

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Trauma Narrative Treatment: A Trauma Recovery Model for Groups

TRAUMA NARRATIVE TREATMENT is an evidence-based group narrative therapy approach using a wide range of elements from trauma research, including linguistic representation, externalization, reauthoring, body work, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, art, music, and movement toward the integration of traumatic memories. The six-session model addresses the variety of issues resulting from trauma, such as the loss of a sense of self, fragmentation of memories, feelings of shame and self-blame, rage, feelings of powerlessness, loss of agency, dissociation, grief, loss, compromised social functioning, and spiritual disengagement. The model has been used world-wide, including in Haiti, Rwanda, New Zealand, the United States, the Middle East, Malaysia, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Cambodia, the Dominican Republic, and more.


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