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Please Share the Door, I’m Freezing: Creating Oneness in Marriage

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Please Share the Door, I’m Freezing: Creating Oneness in Marriage

Please Share the Door, I’m Freezing is a Christian marriage workbook designed to help couples create the oneness in their marriage that is described and desired by God. The authors, Donna and David Lane, who are both Christian counselors and professors of counseling, have been married for over 35 years. They offer practical suggestions on how to keep a relationship fresh, alive, and whole, based on both their real-life experiences and their professional expertise. Their step-by-step approach allows the couple to work together on developing the type of relationship that mirrors God’s love for His people. Each chapter of the workbook builds on previous chapters, allowing couples to practice new concepts while reinforcing what they have studied together.

Topics include God’s basic elements for marriage, identifying and removing beliefs that destroy our relationship with God and each other, praying together effectively, submitting to one another in love, avoiding pitfalls, living in peace, being allies instead of adversaries, living as true partners with God and each other, and bearing good fruit in marriage. The Lanes help expose the main tactics of the enemy of God, intended to create division and destruction, and offer a clear, detailed approach for fighting against those tactics, and, with God’s help’ defeating them. Each chapter includes worksheets with discussion questions, and easy-to-complete homework for couples to complete together as they implement what they have learned. Because the Lanes believe that we can only live fully as one in relationship when we are being fully who God created us to be, the workbook offers suggestions for individual growth along with strategies for creating oneness in marriage. The workbook is designed in such a way that it is effective for use by couples on their own, by small groups, or by churches for marriage workshops, retreats, or seminars.


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