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Wilderness Meditations: 40 Devotions for Lent, Fasting, and Spiritual Growth

Wilderness Meditations is a book of devotions for reading and study during the 40 days of Lent, along with devotions for Palm Sunday and Easter. Even though the book was designed for use over Lent as a journey toward deeper relationship with Jesus in preparation for the celebration of Easter, it is also appropriate for times of fasting, and for general spiritual growth and development. It can be used individually, or in small groups as a study guide, as well as for spiritual growth retreats. The focus of the devotions is on discovering the nature of God, developing an intimate, personal connection with Jesus, deepening your prayer life, and gaining a greater understanding of truth. Each devotion includes a theme for meditation for that day, all centering on the character of Christ. Each devotion and meditation can be easily completed in about 15 minutes, facilitating the reader’s ability to complete the readings daily, even for those with busy schedules; however, for those individuals who want to deepen the experience, ample Scripture verses and opportunity for deeper reflection is available, as well as space for taking notes and exploring in prayer the themes presented.


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