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Strength in our Story: A Joseph Study: 2nd Edition

Where can you find healing and hope in life’s darkest moments?


Strength in our Story is an 8-week Bible study of the story of Joseph, designed to help you discover authentic answers and genuine hope. Through these materials, you will be able to:

·       gain new context for difficult life experiences

·       find meaning and healing in your journey

·       rediscover your true identity

·       build God-focused community.


Our stories parallel Joseph’s story in many ways. All of us have experienced repeated wounding through neglect, betrayal, and injustice in some form. Like waves crashing against the shore, these wounds erode our souls and trap us in a prison of lies.


As we take a journey through Joseph’s story, we will explore the wounding of your heart and soul from your own life experiences. God’s truth presented through Joseph’s story can help you reinterpret painful circumstances and replace the ensnaring lies. Along the way, God begins to uncover and reveal your true identity.


This study examines the relevant topics of:

·       grief and loss

·       betrayal

·       neglect and abandonment

·       bitterness

·       feeling orphaned

·       unfulfilled longing

We also explore:

·       the true nature of forgiveness

·       the reclamation of our dreams

·       what it means to surrender

·       hope and God’s faithfulness

·       God’s redemption


Through these conversations, the strength in our story is restored.

This study is appropriate for use with small groups and for individuals. Start your journey along the path to healing today.






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