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Seeking Treasures

2020 Selah Awards 2nd Place in Biblical Studies category

2020 Illumination Awards Bronze Medal in Bible Studies category

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Seeking Treasures

What does it mean to seek the Kingdom of God? This book draws on all the resources in Scripture to create a treasure map – a guide to seeking the Kingdom of God.

Jesus refers to His Kingdom as a treasure hidden in a field and a pearl of unmatched value, and He instructs us to sell all we have to purchase the field and the pearl. Did you know these treasures of His Kingdom are found within you?

As you read, you are taken on a quest to:

  • find your true identity
  • reclaim your authority
  • experience His indwelling Spirit more fully
  • better understand and receive His protection
  • celebrate your sanctification
  • receive His wisdom
  • delight in the true freedom of His love
  • and live in the Kingdom of God now.

This book will help you conquer your fear and shatter your shame. At the end of this quest, you will find yourself:

  • more intimately connected to Jesus
  • more aware of who you are in Christ
  • more grounded and strengthened to stand in His authority
  • more confident in your position as heir to His Kingdom
  • and more certain of His love for you.

5 stars from Writer’s Digest! What a wonderful, inspiring book. I enjoyed how you laid everything out in a comprehensive, logical fashion. You go from point A to point B and so on without overwhelming the reader. Your suggestions and how-tos are very helpful in making a person try to make sense of their everyday life with the assistance of God. In fact, you make Jesus and God very accessible. Your writing is very down-to-earth, conversational and practical. You keep the pacing of the narrative flowing very well without bogging it down by using too many words. You also avoid the preachiness that some books of this genre tend to become. Your crisp voice and flowing narrative drew me right in. Each chapter explores deep, fundamental questions and conflicts that we all come up against. You provide practical advice on how to access the answers to those fundamental questions. I also enjoyed how you provide questions for the reader to ponder and think about. Only a person who wants to help themselves can be truly helped and your book provides an avenue for them to start the healing process.

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