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2022 BookFest Awards Gold Medal for Spirituality – Meditation and Prayer
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2022 BookFest Awards Honorable Mention for Religion – Christianity
2022 Christian Indie Awards Silver Medalist for Bible Study
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2022 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards Best Book for Religion

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Jesus said He was going to make ready a dwelling place for you (John 14:2-3). But where is His dwelling place? In heaven? In your heart?

The answer is both.

Dwelling explores the transformational experience received through deepening relationship with Christ. Using imagery, symbolism, story, and an abundance of Scripture, and combining the best knowledge in neurology and psychology with impassioned Biblical analysis, Dwelling leads you into a deep dive of personal exploration and growth in faith, taking the reader by the hand and leading them to the path of partnership with Christ to prepare for His indwelling.

While other books might offer a list of steps or suggest simplistic answers to complex issues, Dwelling faces those issues head-on, without fear, and challenges you to look in the mirror and acknowledge the hard work you and Jesus must do together to achieve holiness and live in the Kingdom of God.

In Dwelling you will:

Discover the path to your new dwelling
Learn how Jesus prepares your heart
Challenge your old ways of thinking, feeling, and acting
Establish a new foundation built on oneness with Christ
Rebuild new patterns using God’s materials
Anchor yourself in the pillars of love, faith, and freedom

Through these truths, Dwelling enlightens both believers and nonbelievers in how to live in the Kingdom of God now.


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