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Recognizing Jesus

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Recognizing Jesus

Those who should’ve recognized Jesus—the teachers of the Law, the Pharisees, and his disciples—didn’t. Those who shouldn’t have recognized Jesus—the sinners, tax collectors, and demons—did. Are we making the same mistake?

Journey with us through the Book of Mark, a fast-paced, often intense gospel that tends to be overlooked but is packed with symbolism and meaning. After you complete this study, you will:

  • be able to answer the question, “Who is Jesus?”
  • recognize Jesus’ humanity and his divinity
  • redefine your expectations of Messiah
  • differentiate between religion and faith
  • recognize the coming of the Kingdom of God
  • know what it means to be a true follower of Jesus

Dive deep into the Gospel of Mark with us, recognize Jesus in a new way through Mark’s powerful descriptions, and come out with a fresh perspective and a restored relationship with Jesus. 

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