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The Way of the Shepherd

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The Way of the Shepherd

Are you waging a private war—against yourself?

You’re not alone.

The goal in war is to win—but what if in this war, the only way to win is to surrender?

It’s strange, isn’t it? We desire God’s peace yet cling to the illusion that we’re in control. We hunger for righteousness but continue to indulge the cravings of our flesh. We long for love while refusing to be open and vulnerable.

We can be our own worst enemy. So, how do we relinquish control and surrender to God?

The Way of the Shepherd explores the sources of our internal war and the Biblical solutions that bring genuine peace. This individual or small group study invites you to:

  • accept your need for a shepherd
  • seek Christ’s nature as your shepherd
  • exchange control for humility and dependence on God
  • learn what it means to truly follow Christ


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