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The Interview

2019 American Fiction Awards Finalist in Christian Inspirational Fiction category

2024 American Legacy Awards Finalist in Christian Inspirational Fiction category

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The Interview

A career-making assignment. An elusive, charismatic sociopath. Will Sarah’s big break secure her fame or savage her soul?

The Interview takes you on one woman’s transformational journey as she faces the demons of her past while navigating the manipulations of an enigmatic man.

Sarah, a young reporter with a deeply troubled history, wins an interview with a powerful business mogul who is rarely seen in public and has never before granted an interview. This assignment could make or break her career. Little did she know it could also break her spirit.

Sarah must tackle direct challenges to her identity, her purpose, and her worth as she struggles to escape the prison of her past. What she encounters in the interview is the face of evil, using her past against her and tempting her to walk into a new prison of his design. Will Sarah ever escape her life in bondage?

A new take on The Screwtape Letters, The Interview uncovers the challenges, pitfalls, and complexities of spiritual warfare.

What Sarah discovers during the interview will change her life forever. Buy The Interview NOW for a front row seat at the battle for one woman’s soul.


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