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Sky Light Rises: Book 2

2020 American Fiction Awards Finalist in Religious Fiction category

2020 Selah Awards 3rd Place in Speculative Fiction category

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Sky Light Rises - Whisperers: Book Two

The world plunged into darkness. The whispers silenced. The dark lord victorious. Is it too late for the ragged remnant of survivors?

Devastated by a massive meteor strike, the only habitable areas on the Second World are held by hostile species. The survivors are dehydrated, starving, and losing all vestiges of hope. They turn on each other and divide into factions. Now, the only hope for the planet is reunification with the First World.

The dark lord celebrates his victory over the survivors’ seer, but he remains bound to the Second World. Desperate, he seeks to trick some of the survivors into helping him fulfill his plans for the Second World’s destruction.

A series of tests are presented to one group of the survivors, where they must choose for themselves or others, for survival or sacrifice, for self or love, to face their fears or to give into them, to succumb to the dark ones or to stand against them. How many will fall away and join with the dark lord and his forces? Will the few left standing for the light make it through the trials, find the sphere, and open the portal to the First World, or will the dark lord use their efforts against them and destroy the world once and for all?

C. S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy and Chronicles of Narnia meet This Present Darkness and the Book of Revelation in the second chapter of this powerful series about sacrifice, loss, and redemption. Sky Light Rises: Whisperers Book Two is a 3rd place Selah Awards winner for Speculative Fiction and American Fiction Awards finalist in the categories of Epic Fantasy fiction and Religious fiction.

What sacrifices will be required of the remnant of survivors this time? Buy NOW to find out who survives the trials of the sphere.


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