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Sky Light Falls: Book 1

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2019 American Fiction Awards Finalist in Epic Fantasy category and Religious Fiction category

2019 Selah Awards 3rd Place in Speculative Fiction category

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Sky Light Falls - Whisperers: Book One

A massive meteor strike. An unnatural alliance of survivors. A dark lord bent on destruction. Can a mystical seer’s powers save them from extinction?

The twelve sentient species who inhabit the Second World have noticed environmental changes. The forests are shrinking. Storms are becoming violent. The desert is hotter, the waters colder. But since each species is isolated from all others, they assume the changes they observe in their specific ecosystem aren’t a global problem.

All except Amadah. Concerned about the loss of her beloved trees, she strikes out on her own into the forbidden desert lands of the Topazi to see if they have any answers. But instead of assistance, the Topazi capture Amadah and accuse her of causing the ball of fire hurtling through the sky toward their lands.

What Amadah doesn’t know is another entity has his own plans for the planet. Seeking to be freed from Tempor, the strange substance that binds them in exile on the Second World, the dark lord and his forces plot the final destruction of the planet so they can return to the First World and complete its conquest.

This is only the beginning of Amadah’s desperate struggle to survive. Will she find any other survivors, or is a gruff, heartless Topazi the only other creature remaining? Do the whispers she senses offer help or do they portend danger? Does the high mountain offer the hope of refuge? If so, how can they possibly survive the journey to get there?

C. S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy and Chronicles of Narnia meet This Present Darkness and the Book of Revelation in the first chapter of this powerful series about sacrifice, loss, and redemption. Sky Light Falls: Whisperers Book One is a 3rd place Selah Awards winner for Speculative Fiction and American Fiction Awards finalist in the categories of Epic Fantasy fiction and Religious fiction.

Will Amadah and her Topazi companion make it to the high mountain? What will they find if they do? Buy NOW to join Amadah’s quest and learn her fate.


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