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Sky Light Ends: Book 3

2022 American Writing Awards finalist for Fantasy

2021 American Fiction Awards finalist for Epic/High Fantasy

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2022 BookFest Awards Gold Medal for Fantasy-Epic
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Sky Light Ends - Whisperers: Book Three

A dying world. Their sky light about to explode. Time running out. Can the remnant reach the First World before it is too late?

The remnant must carry the sphere to a hidden altar on the high mountain, break the Temporal seal, and open the portal before the sky light consumes their world. But the dark lord inhabits the high mountain, along with the survivors he deceived into joining his side.

The dark lord brings all his powers and his allies to bear against those carrying the sphere. All survivors converge on the plains before the high mountain in a final stand that will determine the fate of two worlds.

The sphere-bearers must work together with the Whisperers if they have any hope of overcoming the superior forces of their enemy. Can light overcome darkness? Will strength failing and wills breaking thwart their efforts and doom their quest? Or will sacrifice and love overcome annihilation?

C. S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy and Chronicles of Narnia meet This Present Darkness and the Book of Revelation in the third and final chapter of this powerful series about sacrifice, loss, and redemption.

What will be the fate of these battered heroes as they face the dark lord one last time? Buy NOW to bear witness to the final, epic battle against impossible odds in this thrilling series conclusion.


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