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Infidel Wars: Cleansed Book One

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2023 American Writing Awards Finalist – Science Fiction

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2023 BookFest Awards Gold Medalist in Christian Futuristic and in Romance Science Fiction

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2023 BookFest Awards Bronze Medalist in Time Travel Science Fiction

American Writing Awards Finalist seal 2023

2023 American Writing Awards Finalist in Science Fiction

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Infidel Wars: Cleansed Book One

Compliance will cost them their minds. Rebellion could cost them everything.

In a world governed by the iron grip of the Conglomerate, where beliefs are meticulously controlled by the Social Protectorate, two souls defy the forces that seek to erase their faith and rob their freedom.

Elora Felder, a genetically enhanced soldier, and her captain, Danny Rohan, fierce warriors of the Social Protectorate, are trained to oppose anything that threatens the stability of the Conglomerate’s carefully controlled society. But a fateful training mission in the unforgiving depths of space forges a powerful connection that defies their roles as soldier and captain.

Miraculously rescued from the brink of death, they return to base, determined to protect their newfound faith and forbidden love. But the Conglomerate’s enforcers soon uncover their secret, seize Danny, and force him to undergo the dreaded Cleansing—a process designed to erase all dissenting beliefs.

Elora, stricken by grief, clings to one last hope: to navigate the intricate threads of time itself, traveling back to a time before Danny allied with the oppressive forces, where she must persuade him to lead a rebellion, reclaim his beliefs, and hopefully to fall in love with her again. Her unwavering determination to rewrite destiny and reunite with her true love will put her at odds with the very fabric of time, leading her on a breathtaking adventure where every decision carries unimaginable consequences.

Infidel Wars is a thrilling saga of hope and sacrifice, reminding us that even in the face of insurmountable odds, love transcends time.


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