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Infidel Wars: Cleansed Book One

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Infidel Wars: Cleansed Book One

Compliance will cost them their minds. Rebellion could cost them everything else.

For Elora Felder, a genetically modified super soldier in the Social Protectorate, falling in love with her captain, Danny Rohan, and leading a rebellion were never a part of her plans. But when a training accident leaves them stranded in space, freezing and losing air, they reject the SP’s beliefs—and embrace each other.

The Conglomerate and their military arm dream of an idyllic society anchored in unity of thought and social equality. To deal with divergent beliefs, the SP develops an experimental procedure called the Cleansing, where they map and erase the “diseased” parts of the minds of the noncompliant. Refusing to be cleansed, rebels attack the SP base. The Conglomerate declares war.

But who really started the war? And what role will Danny and Elora play in the final outcome?

When the SP captures Danny, Elora’s only hope is to travel through time to reach Danny before he joins the SP and convince him to lead the rebel cause—and hopefully fall in love with her again.

Will Elora succeed in saving Danny and the rebellion? Or will her sacrifice leave her alone forever, floating in a black hole in space, who knows where in time?


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