The Banana Farm

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The Banana Farm

A Tale for All Ages of Trust and Loving Sacrifice

What if you did something, and everyone misunderstood
what you did? What if they thought you were being bad,
but you thought you were doing something good? What
if you were going to get in trouble? Would you have the
courage to speak up and tell the truth, even if it was
really scary and hard to do?

The Banana Farm is a touching tale of trust and loving
sacrifice. Sometimes things are not what they appear to
be. Sometimes we have to trust that what we are doing
is right and accept that it may be hard to explain or we
may get in trouble anyway. Sometimes we have to decide
to make that sacrifice and hope what happens will work
out for the best.

Join us for an inspiring story about a boy’s decision to
love above all else, regardless of the consequences. 


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