My Dog Can’t Jump

2021 Finalist in Children’s Picture Books category

2021 Finalist in Children’s Fiction category and Children’s Picture Books category

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My Dog Can’t Jump

Have you ever noticed that nobody is perfect? No matter what, people (and animals) have struggles to face. It helps a lot when we don’t have to face these struggles alone. One of the things that helps the most is feeling the love and acceptance of another person who sees past your struggles and loves you just the way you are. This heartwarming and deeply meaningful story is about a little boy who adopts a rescue dog, but the little dog can’t seem to do anything right. Still, the boy loves him with all his heart, cleans up after his messes, holds him when he’s afraid, and picks him up when he can’t jump. To the boy, the dog is perfect, even though he has his struggles. When we see through the lens of love, nothing else matters.


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