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In Search of Sparkle

Award resized NewPinnacleAward3D
   2022 Best Book in Children’s Fantasy for the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards
Award resized The-BookFest-First-Place-Book-Award 2023
2023 BookFest Gold Medalist for Children’s Fables
Readers Favorite honorable mention masked
2023 Children’s Book International Awards Winner for Children’s Fairy Tales
2023 Reader’s Favorite Book Awards Honorable Mention for Children’s Christian

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In Search of Sparkle

Whoever heard of a faerie who doesn’t sparkle?

Well, once upon a time, there was one little faerie who, try as she might, didn’t sparkle at all. Not even a glimmer. So, she set out on a quest to find sparkle.

Along the way, she met many magical creatures. She faced off against a dragon. She even tried to steal sparkle from the stars. Still, no matter what she tried, she didn’t sparkle.

But during her journey, she made an amazing discovery – she wasn’t who she thought she was. Her realization brought her face-to-face with the real reason her sparkle didn’t shine.

In Search of Sparkle is an early readers chapter book for ages 6-9. It is also wonderful fun to read aloud, and its timeless message is appropriate for all ages. 


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