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Drs. Donna & David Lane

We’re so happy you’ve chosen to join us on our journey. If you enjoy captivating narratives and rich storytelling, dive in, explore, and emerge enlivened with a renewed zest for experiencing God in every chapter of your own story.


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"If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were MADE FOR ANOTHER WORLD." — C. S. Lewis

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“As a Christian author, my writing is an expression of my deep-seated passion for spiritual direction. I pray my words become a guiding light, helping individuals overcome the lies they believe about God, themselves, and the purpose of life. No matter the genre, I aspire to explore the deeper meanings of faith and foster a profound connection with God, allowing readers to experience the transformative embrace of His Kingdom.”

“I’ve always considered myself a child at heart, which as a children’s author allows me to tap into the curiosity and imagination of young readers, creating stories that resonate with them on a fundamental level. Witnessing the moment when the lightbulb comes on is an unparalleled joy. Perhaps it’s my childlike wonder that make these connections so special, as I strive to capture the magic of learning and the joy of discovery in my children’s books.” 




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David: I will hear odd things or see something interesting that will spark a kernel of an idea. A couple of them started with things my children said or did. Others have come out of conversations I was having with people that sparked an idea, looking at something from a different perspective. One idea, I was at a professional conference, and one of the speakers made me think of a significantly different perspective on something. It is an idea I’m currently working on.

Donna: Almost all of my ideas come to me during prayer. The rest of them wake me in the middle of the night with a picture or thought I know came from God in my sleep. For example, the entire Gold Stone story came to me overnight after praying about the need in Haiti before I went to bed. When I woke up, I simply wrote what came to me during the night.

Donna: I love a challenge. My writing started with presenting theological ideas. Then I had the idea of presenting those ideas through allegory. If allegory, why not fantasy? If fantasy, why not science fiction? If I can write in the future, why not the past? Someone once told me I could “never” write a novel in 1st person present tense, so guess what I set out to do? Now, it’s up to the readers to let me know if I succeeded, but I surely enjoyed the challenge. 

David: The answer for me is I’m interested in so many things. I’m eternally curious to a fault. For me, there’s just not enough time in a lifetime to get to it all.

David: I was called to it, as clearly as anything has ever been said to me. My undergraduate degree was in education, but I couldn’t find a job teaching when I graduated in December, so I answered an ad for a “youth worker.” When I went to the job interview, I got out of my car and literally heard a voice say, “This is where you are supposed to be and this is what you are supposed to be doing.” So, I am one of those blessed individuals who found his calling at 22 and have never looked back.

Donna: My plan was to go to medical school. My first semester freshman year, I was taking chemistry and calculus, so I signed up for a psychology class to be my “easy” course. Instead, I found it so fascinating, I changed majors, and I have loved everything about it since.

Donna: Without a doubt, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien have been the biggest influences in my writing. Lewis wrote across genres, and all of his writings revealed the truth of Christ in some unique way. He challenged beliefs and confronted the big questions. Can you tell I want to be C. S. Lewis when I grow up? As you know, Tolkien and Lewis were great friends. Tolkien is so creative and so willing to stretch himself and do new and different things with his writing, and he, too, revealed God’s truth in unique ways.

David: My biggest influences have been my children. They inspire me.


What Readers Say

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Infidel Wars
K. C. Finn
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Author Donna E. Lane has crafted an immersive and thought-provoking work that offers a captivating blend of science fiction, romance, and time travel, each in perfect balance. I was especially impressed with the worldbuilding, which offers a multi-layered viewpoint of this dark dystopian vista where you can clearly see how society has shaped the actions and attitudes of the characters on both sides of the divide. Lane intricately weaves a narrative that explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of freedom, with plenty of realistic heartache and compelling dialogue exchanges. The characters' struggles against a totalitarian regime and their determination to rewrite their destinies create a gripping and emotionally resonant story with sharp narrative focus.
Seeking Treasures
Jennie Denney
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Using scripture, thought-provoking questions, prayer, and ideas for re-direction, this book takes you on a beautiful inward journey toward discovering the person God created you to be. Each chapter is intended to be read and taken in over the course of a week individually or with a group, creating space for the reader to think, ponder, pray, and meditate on the lesson. This book is easy to read, full of deep and wonderful truths, very well organized and thought out, and great for anyone looking for a deep and meaningful study.
Restored Christianity
Connie Delane Mitchell
Read More
Challenging, convicting, and life changing! The reader is challenged to know God and not just about Him. Jesus desires to be intimately involved in every aspect of our lives. Our false beliefs about ourselves and God hinder us from having true intimacy with Him. The authors use Paul's letters for their historical analysis to examine the Christian beliefs and theology of the early church. In doing so they reveal how far from 'true north' today's church has come. The in depth historical research and analysis is well done and similar to Lee Strobel's 'A Case For Christ.' As a graduate from a Christian university, I believe 'Restored Christianity' should be required reading for theology and seminary students alike.
Wilderness Meditations: 40 Devotions for Lent, Fasting, and Spiritual Growth
Chloe S. Flanagan
Read More
This is a beautiful and profound collection of daily reflections. Each day’s meditation offers wisdom and spiritual insight while still providing the space and stimulus for deeper thought. Following this devotional through Lent is a wonderful way to focus on the Savior and seek a closer relationship with Him. I definitely recommend it.
Strength in Adversity
Takashi Todoroki
Read More
Dr. Lanes’ gift of scriptural analysis and ability to break it down for the reader, and provide practical and generalizable applications to our lives has been such a gift for me. I share her books with everyone I can so they may benefit in their understanding and relationship with Jesus as I have. Thank you for sharing your gift with us
The Interview
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The book gets straight to the heart of things. We're all broken, we all have choices, and the good and evil forces of the world present different paths. The interview was a disturbingly good reminder of what depths the deceiver will go to in order to sweep our interests and attention elsewhere. The ending was one that was a much-needed relief. Excellent work by the author!!!
The Way of the ShepherdGentle Reader
Read More
This is a beautifully written book filled with gems of wisdom regarding how to live a life of true worship. Though I have read dozens of books on Christianity, this author presented me with some new ideas to contemplate. Everything she says is built on a firm foundation of Scripture which is easy to understand. It helped me look at a few of my old beliefs in a new light and my image of Christ altered a little, to the good. I like that she includes some personal asides to explain and support her ideas, and I enjoyed the touches of humor. An excellent read which I highly recommend to those trying to enrich their spiritual life and continue to grow closer to God.
The Whisperers Series
Susan Field
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This was a great read (all three books) during a pandemic. The author, Dr. Lane, pulls the reader into a completely different world, redifining species and challenging the use of the English language. But, once you are in the story, you find that it is not a different world at all. Our world of good and evil; of persistence and failing; of love and self-love; of confidence and self-loathing are all present. It will "take you away" and at the same time bring you back to questions about your own values and your own loves. You can't read this without the other two in the "Whisperers" Series. Don't miss it.
This Hallowed Ground
The Historical Fiction Co
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"This Hallowed Ground" is one of those remarkable and rare treasures. This is a stunning and epic incredible story of love, grief, extreme trauma of seeing loved ones die, and soul-stirring redemption. If this book doesn't move you to tears, I'm not sure what will, for Ms Lane reached down into her soul and pulled out the words and feelings of a soldier on the battlefield, of the crushing agony of post-traumatic depression, plus the breathtaking details of not only the horrors of the battlefield but the unbelievable will that the human body has to keep living. Every single page of this book will leave you enraptured with plenty of moments of pause to consider not only how Ms Lane wove such beautiful passages, but it also causes you to reflect on your own life. This is what great historical fiction with a clear literary halo does for the reader... and when that happens, a book stays with you for days, weeks, perhaps forever after.
My Dog Can't Jump
Rainier Ko
Read More
Hands down, one of the greatest children’s book I have encountered in a very, very long time! This compassionate, relatable life story of the love between a boy and his dog is so truly heart warming and easily relatable with incredible illustrations that capture the eye and the heart! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Solid pooping material for any age!! Highly recommend!

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